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Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse is a leading integrated investment and merchant bank serving institutional, corporate, government and individual clients. Credit Suisse's businesses include securities underwriting; sales and trading; investment and merchant banking; financial advisory services; investment research; venture capital; correspondent brokerage services; online, interactive brokerage services; and asset management.

Credit Suisse Private Client
The Credit Suisse Private Client website enables clients with substantial assets to access their portfolios at a time and place of their convenience. Investors can view balances, holdings, and recent activity for multiple accounts. Quotes, news and annual reports are provided by various wire services. Clients are also given the opportunity to use Credit Suisse's top-ranked research, including company and industry reports, our Recommended List, Product Marketing Notes, and excerpts from our weekly and monthly periodicals. For selected accounts, online trading is available. To access this comprehensive service please contact your Credit Suisse Private Client representative

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